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What is Solovki?

Resorts of Turkey, the beaches of Taiwan, the islands of Greece and even Paris with its Eiffel Tower, pales before the Solovetsky Islands. Solovki - a mysterious world, full of colors and a kind of extraterrestrial fascination.

In this world, with its flying in the sky islands (and you believe that the island and actually fly, and this is not a mirage), with clear lakes (of which you can drink boiled water!), Seals, lazily rocking on the waves and not pay no attention to the camera shutter snapping tourists, there is no place bustle of modern society. At Solovki should forget about the TV sets, computers and mobile phones.

On the way to Kem

Only you and eternity

. Huge boulders, through which cold rolling waves of the White Sea, gulls, dive to the ship in anticipation of the next portion of food, cloudberry, blushing in the haired reindeer moss, low sky, changing its shape every five minutes ...

white sea
Shore of the White Sea

Not enough? And the old monastery with quincentennial history, pot-bellied guard towers, connected well very impressive fortress wall (Chinese replica rests), boats and yachts, to hide from the storm in the Bay of well-being. And total immersion in the depths of history.


British ships

unsuccessfully attacked the monastery during the Crimean War, That Peter is building a church on the Big Island Zayatsky and blesses it St. Andrew's flag. Here archers, deceit penetrated through the secret gates, tortured monks who refused to recognize the reforms of Patriarch Nikon. And black pages SLON (Solovki prison camp), and heroic - the school apprentices.

Church of St. Andrew
Church of St. Andrew

And the lake, suddenly turned into the early twenties of the last century from the Great White at Big Red. Once the White Sea have not renamed. Church -Sekirnoy lighthouse on the hill. It is possible, it turns out to combine the issues of religion and the safety of navigation at sea. The whales, beluga whales, though not huge, but the whales.

all mixed up on these mysterious islands . Eight months in the year they were separated from the mainland. Kilometers ice solder does not come to give him any traffic. Even in summer, when the sea storms, canceled scheduled flights from Kemi and the White Sea. Nature itself is doing everything to limit the presence of the islands people. And just want to see what is available in the ordinary world, come to Solovki . And fall in love with them forever.


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Friday, September 18, 2009

Venice. Why is it called the pearl of Italy?

venice bridge
According to legend, Venice emerged from the sea foam in 421. According to other sources, the history of Venice dates back to 452 years: at this time on the islands was hidden from the Huns of Attila, the city's population Aquileia.

But most likely, the first settlements appeared in the lagoon in 568 during the invasion of the Lombards. In any case, it is this date mentioned in historical references.

City legend

, city-pearl, the city's dream, a city where memories live. Wonder Venice is called the most romantic cities of Italy. His endeavor to visit all the lovers of peace.

Venice in the form we know it today, was that of a 810 year, when they were assimilated central island of the lagoon Riva Alto, eventually grew into the Rialto. At that time, residents began to actively build ships. And soon, Venetian merchants built up trade around the world. To judge the Merchant of Venice can be at least one interesting historical fact: under the bell tower on St. Mark's Square to sell wine, as it was under the bell tower because it cast a shadow. And that wine is not spoiled, constantly moved from a barrel so as to always remain in the shadows. So Venice - it's not just canals and gondolas, but also very dodgy businessmen, which is still legendary.
Saint Mark's Square
Saint Mark's Square
The city is situated on 118 islands, connected channels through which, in turn, moved up more than 400 large and small bridges. In the old days there were hardly any bridges, only in very narrow places were moved wide boards. The first mention of the sliding bridges date back IX century .


divided into two parts, the so-called Grand Canal or Kanalatstso. Its length is about 3800 meters, width - from 28 to 73 meters. The main means of transport in Venice is the gondola - a narrow, fairly long boat, adapted for movement through the channels. Also on the city canals run between large and small boats that carry from 160 to 1200 people. Small ships move along the Grand Canal and around the main part of the city, and large designed for movement between the main part of the city and the islands of the lagoon.

venice viewarrival in Venice you will need to choose where to stop, for the best way suitable Coastal Venice. This is a fairly large area, located along the shores of the lagoon, the prices in hotels are lower than in the insular part of the city. To get to the island of Venice is not difficult: it can be done either by boat or by a dam on the train or car.

If you decide to walk, it's better to wander through the labyrinth of Venice's streets. They say that on these streets on foot you can reach virtually any place in half an hour. The length of the city of about 4 200 meters and width - 2 700. It covers an area of 7 square kilometers, and if you include the island, about 13.7 square kilometers. In the six areas, which divided the city, home to about 100 000 inhabitants. Lagoon has six large islands, the most famous of these is the island of Lido , known for its beautiful beaches and casinos.

Surprisingly, the city almost no changes, everything remains as in the paintings of old masters, as if time stood still here. Venice is beautiful at any time of day and night and does not lose its splendor, in any time of year you may have visited her.

in Venice, start your tour with the main square, Piazza San Marco, which can be reached on the Grand Canal. This area is located Doge's Palace - a place where deciding the fate of the Venetian people. This building is the main museum in Venice. Also on the square of St. Mark's Cathedral and St. Mark's Campanile bell tower, buildings old and new Procuratie, the Golden Altar, Clock Tower.

Sailing along the Grand Canal

(better to do the gondola), you can admire the Rialto bridge and the chapel beside him, noble palaces of Venice, adjacent to the channel. If you are interested in museums, be sure to visit the Academy Gallery is the largest collection of paintings of Venice XIV-XVI centuries.
KAJI `Oro is also known as the Golden House - this museum presents sculptures and paintings of Italian and Flemish masters. You can also visit the Naval Museum, City Museum Corner, School of the Brotherhood of St. Rocco (palace influential in his time philanthropic organization). And this is not a complete list of attractions and museums of Venice. To describe them all, you need to spend a lot of time, and to visit even more!

Truly Venice is the most amazing and unique city not only in Italy but throughout the world.

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What is interesting about Cuba?


To get acquainted with the island of Freedom, first go to Havana . It is here most clearly visible contrasts of the country. Do not be surprised nearby luxury skyscrapers to dilapidated little houses. And be ready for a sincere joy of life of their inhabitants. Life Cubans opened, it passes on the street or on the balcony. Sit yourself talk through the wide-open windows and doors, porch playing dominoes, play music and dance.

And anyway, if you dance or want to see how the local dance (and look at what is), do not waste your time, dance in Havana. Peculiar extreme during the tour to Cuba can be found in the evening, when in some areas turning off the electricity. Entire streets and neighborhoods are immersed in darkness. But walking there, as assured already visited Cuba, quite safely.

Cuba - a country with unique culture

. Construction of socialism and poverty strangely combined with the resorts of international standards and general merriment. Wake up here under the rooster crows, look at the streets, hung with posters «We are well», sip a freshly squeezed juice from sugar cane and Rejoice life together with the inhabitants of the island. Call a horse with a cart instead of a taxi, and more on tour. It will look at that!

Is not it curious

to climb the 44-meter tower to oversee the slaves walk around the city, a labyrinth? Look to the guests in the crocodile nursery with an inscription on the gate «Growing crocodiles - the idea of revolution», to feed its inhabitants, and then eat the most fresh crocodile meat? Do not want to be in the 50's, seeing in the streets of «Volga» and «Lada»? A stay in «Soviet» stores, where goods are issued on cards? And go to the Museum of the fight against illiteracy, chopped cane, together with the Cubans, luxuriate on the beach with black sand, go to the world's only museum history of piracy ... And do not forget, of course, leave time for sunbathing on the Cote d'ashore, and bathing.

It is safe to say that Cuba - one of the world's best places for diving. This has a shelf the size of a decent continent, a great variety of coral reefs and islets. You will provide excellent visibility absence of strong currents.

During the rest

You can simply swim with mask and snorkel, and to arrange a night diving to observe the intricate coral reefs, mysterious sunken ships, caves, tunnels, vertical walls, and many others. At a depth you will find turtles, sharks, swordfish, blue marlin.

Especially attractive marine park and underwater caves, which lie at the bottom of the missile boat, aircraft and a frigate with awesome guns on deck. Flooded they're on purpose. In addition, these shores at various times there have been about 5000 of these shipwrecks. So the material for review is sufficient.

A lot of people sent to Cuba, not only for the long-awaited vacation, but also to cure many diseases, serious and not very. The island is famous for the most advanced medical and SPA programs. Are their individually for each patient. Here is the latest technology combined with favorable climate, unique nature and pleasant atmosphere at work miracles. Used latest developments gistoplatsentar therapy for treatment of serious and sometimes incurable diseases.

A nice trip and unforgettable impressions!

Karyunya Zaplatkina

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

What we know about Nairobi?


- one of the most colorful of the African continent. Several centuries ago it was the capital city of Mombasa.

The current capital of Kenya in just one century has evolved from a desolate swamp into a thriving modern city. When the builders arrived here railways, they arranged a camp here under the simple name «327 Mile», and the local Maasai tribe Maasai call this place Evaso Nayberi - a place of cold water. Only by mid-1899 from Mombasa to Nairobi train roads 530 kilometers. The camp became a village, then a small town, in 1907 he became the East African capital of the British colonial empire, gradually became an important center of the colony, and an attractive destination for travelers, hunters and adventurers from all over the world.

Because of the inaccessibility of materials, rebuilt the city was more like a slum than the future business center. Also, wild animals wandering around, still represented a danger to people. In the city of Nairobi, soon collapsed disease. The real test for the city dwellers began to sweep them the plague. To stop the spread of infection, burned entire neighborhoods of the city. When, half a century later, they rebuilt, the city began to acquire more business and modern shape. From lost in the savannah tiny town Nairobi , thanks to the British, turned into a major metropolis and one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

British influence

in Nairobi felt everywhere. Even the central square is decorated with a clock tower, looks like a London Big Ben. Here in front of the Parliament of the tomb of the first President of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta, who was worshiped by the Kenyans. Videography is an insult to the memory of President and punishable by law. Kenyans anxiously keep everything connected with the first President. One of the main exhibits of the National Museum in Nairobi - a copy of his favorite elephant, made in natural size. The first President was so strongly attached to his pet, which gave him a single guard on duty 24 hours a day. When the elephant died, the president ordered to make a copy and install it in a museum ...



one of the biggest and most interesting cities in Africa. Its population is 1,5 million people. This is a city of contrasts, where races and tribes merge and form the unique character of this city. The city does not forget its history, there are museums that will tell you its most interesting moments.

With elevations in the 1680 meters, which is Nairobi, offering spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes. A clear, cloudless day, clearly visible in two of the most famous peaks in Africa. One of these, Mount Kenya - the highest in the country and the second highest in Africa. Second, the same mountain, the highest on the continent - Kilimanjaro , its height is 5895 meters.

General, Kenya is located on the equator, which divides it roughly in half. Southeastern part of the country washed by the Indian Ocean, the western part of the famous Lake Victoria is restricted. Nairobi is one of the most unique cities in the African continent is because high-rise, high-rise buildings are whimsically coexist with the flora and fauna of equatorial Africa.

Alexander Grachev

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What is interesting in island of Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria

- the third largest island in the Canary archipelago. The name comes from the Latin Canard «Canis» - a dog. And then the Spanish conquistadors gave the name of Gran Canaria «island big Canarians»: the conquistadors were short people, and Aboriginal high. And the local gray bird, a tiny songstress, was brought here in Europe, called the canary, brought to the yellow color, which was turned into a singing lemon and sent back to the Canaries in a gilded cage. Now voluntary gray canaries sing under the balcony, where the cells them a second lemon and orange cousin.

As for the dogs, they are a match for aboriginal Guanches, were enormous. Strange people Guanches taken out a special breed, out of which turned out later mastiffs. The dogs were, and the Guanches disappeared, destroyed by the conquistadors. Weather on the island of Gran Canaria is very favorable to rest in Spain . The climate here is subtropical. Winter lasts from November to May, the day is about 25 ° heat, the evening about fifteen. Average temperature + 20 °. In summer the average temperature of + 25 °. Rainfall occurs only in winter.

To go on holiday in Gran Canaria, in the Embassy of Spain should draw a Schengen visa. You must have a passport valid for 6 months, a certificate from work, a certificate of purchase of foreign currency, form and 2 photos. Flight to Gran Canaria double. The easiest way - to Tenerife flight «Transaero» or charter from Tenerife Norte Airport to Gran Canaria local flight. Travel time to Tenerife 7 hours, between the islands - half an hour. From the airport of Gran Canaria in Maspalomas to 35 km.

To stay in Gran Canaria can use any option. Near the dunes there are hotels and apartments in different categories. Summer prices are falling, however, strongly raised in August. With flight from Moscow in a week «Playa Meloneras» 5 * costs from 905 euros (in May). At Playa Augustine popular hotel «Melia Tamarindos» 5 *. It is week from 800 euros in May, and from 925 in June. 3 * category hotel at Playa Ingles will cost from 710 euros per week. The most comfortable and quiet hotel coast - «Maspalomas Oasis» in Maspalomas. He is buried in a tropical garden where peacocks stroll around the pool and yell green parrots. If you want to combine vacation with treatment in the spa, you should choose «Gloria Palace» or «Costa Melaneras».

Canary Islands

- is a duty-free zone, so in this place Spain is very advantageous to buy. Especially good prices on liquor and perfumes. In general, prices in restaurants is lower than in mainland Spain. In the resort area are higher than in ordinary villages in the mountains or on the coast of Spain. Gran Canaria - an interesting island, there's something to see. Is therefore worth to rent a car, drive through the mountains to the north. Before Las Palmas and is easily accessible without a car: every half-hour walks shuttle bus, which stops at major hotels. At night he goes often. Map of the island can be obtained free of charge at the hotel.

Enjoy your stay!

Dmitry Kolpakov

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What is fraught with the city of Grodno and is it worth it to visit?

Grodno - one of the oldest cities in Belarus. «As in Europe» - said many of Grodno. And really, the old part of town skillfully combined with modern decor. Here you can see the ancient buildings, enjoy the wonderful nature walk through the narrow streets, sit in small cafes - to rest body and soul, as they say.

History Grodno

has more than 800 years. Gorodnya, Goroden, Goradna - names, like the city itself, have changed over time. At the time of Ancient Rus city became an important bastion in the north-west frontier. Related to this is the origin of the name of the city, which arose from the word «piling».

If you walk along the stony road, looking at the old two-, three-storey houses, you can go to the Old Castle, who also has a long history. It was from this castle, situated on a high hill, originally was the development of the city. The relief of the city is rather complicated, so there is no definite system in the layout of the streets. The hills, ravines, river valleys - how could I not take into account these features of the natural landscape? Architects, by contrast, wanted to emphasize the natural beauty and ancient look of the city.

Today, old and new locks, which are located on a high hill, is a museum that visitors will please many and varied exhibits.


, but in Grodno preserved buildings of different eras and styles, and these buildings reflect the complex history of the city. Preserved monuments of architecture, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque: the remains of the fortress walls and towers, Boris and Gleb Church, Bernardine Church and Monastery, the Old Castle, the Jesuit and Franciscan monasteries with churches, a Lutheran church and various other attractions.

Speaking of Grodno, it is impossible not to mention about Borisoglebsk or Kalozha Church - example of ancient architecture of the second half of XII century. It is situated on a steep bank of the river Neman, spectacular views. Keep the church is not fully: its arches and the head disappeared long ago, the southern and western part of the walls collapsed into the river by a landslide in 1853. Yet surprisingly, how could such an ancient building stand for so many centuries and save face virtually unchanged ... Even now, being near the church, you feel the power and mystical spirit of the past.

Yes, there is to see in the city of Grodno. And as for its contemporary decor, here the city does not lag behind others, and looks confidently to the future. There is more and more new housing estates, suburbs of the city built up intensively. Do not forget about the reconstruction, because Grodno - the so-called depository of cultural heritage of our ancestors.

«Come on, walk to the Niemen!»

- often you can hear from Grodno. Correct solution, because right here, on the waterfront, called the most beautiful view in town. Quietly, quietly, somewhere far away the music is playing, here and dream well, and a walk, listening to the rapid course of wayward rivers. The city of Grodno, as it were divided into two parts, the Neman, hence call it were: Old and New Town. You stand on one side, staring into the distance and think before you a large, modern city, with new buildings, the bustle. On the other hand - a quiet, tranquil old town. Here's how interesting are two different worlds are combined with each other.

As you know, Grodno is bordered on the west by Poland, on the north - with Lithuania. Through it runs a lot of international travel itineraries. You can often hear foreign speech, sitting in a cafe or just passing by.
Many people often go shopping just in Grodno. And all because you can buy things of good quality is much cheaper than other outlets.

It seems that everything here is: and ancient monuments , and beautiful nature, and you can buy something good. But what about entertainment? Then Grodno on the height! In the evening both times and the fun begins. On the streets there are many young people. And how many beautiful girls! In addition to the discos, bars and restaurants located in various parts of the Old and New City, you can join the merry crowd dancing right on the banks of the Neman - disco under the open sky, just like old times. For fans of discos and parties Grodno offers entertainment on a small boat, where the river tossing can drown in a company winding guys and beautiful girls.

Grodno - truly amazing city. So why travel to distant lands when all the fun you can find at home!

Tatyana Zhukova

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where can I rest in Spain?

In our time abroad, perhaps, nobody will be surprised. Many people have visited at least one country and realized how good it is - a rest abroad. Today we offer you a brief tour of Spain. Read and you'll see, decide to go to this country. Tour operators claim that on such a vacation can only dream of.
Spain is divided into mainland and island. It would seem that country alone, and the atmosphere is always different:

Weather. It may go off-scale for 40 degrees, but in Spain, all run by a temperate Mediterranean climate: the sea is warming, but not to the state of fresh milk, 23-24 degrees and the air is not heated up in July - 27-28 °, in August - no more than 30 ° , In Spain a good rest to those who do not want to drastically change the climate. You can bathe until October.
DINING . Spanish cuisine - one of the best in the world. Oma is renowned for its diversity. Virtually every region has its own particular cooking. For example, Catalonia, bordering the south of France, specializes in gourmet sauces, giving a unique taste of culinary masterpieces. Valencia is known as the birthplace of paella - rice dishes, seafood and vegetables. In the central regions of the country particularly popular are various types of roast. And, of course, in Spain you can try and taste of French, Chinese, Italian cuisine and much more. Dinner for one person in the cafes and restaurants, which abound vse resorts, costs about 5.8 euros (salad, main course, dessert). In Spain, makes a very tasty beer and wine. And you can buy them for a very low price. A bottle of wine on average costs 1.4 euros.
Infrastructure. In Spain, a lot of exchange offices, which work almost around the clock. All restaurants, cafes, department stores, located in the tourist area, working from early morning until late evening, and many around the clock. Approximately from 13.00-13.30 to 16.00-16.30 almost everything closes for siesta.
And now, more specifically:
Resort Costa Brava (north of Spain)
It is famous for coastal scenery, spacious beaches alternate with rocky tracts, covered with evergreen trees.
What to see:
• the capital of Catalonia - Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. The unique architecture of different times (the Gothic quarter, Cathedral of the Holy Family, etc.), the museum of Pablo Picasso, Toros bullfighting square
• Montserrat - a Benedictine monastery, built in the 11 th century on a mountain top
• Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres
• Medea Island - Marine Reserve, consisting of six rocky islands. An ideal place for diving
• one of the largest water parks in Spain
Who: People who prefer not only lie on the beach, but to go on various excursions.
Resort Costa del Sol (southern Spain)
Great influence on the development of southern Spain had the Arabs, so civilized Europe is bordered to the exotic East. Hotels in mostly 4 - and 5-star hotels.
What to see:
• Seville - the capital of Andalusia
• Cordova (the main attraction - the mosque Meskvita)

Balearic Islands

Insular Spain differs from the mainland. Also manifest a certain isolation from the «big land». On the islands of life more, calm. And yet, still shine, typical of Spain.
The largest island of Balearic archipelago. The continent in miniature.
What to see:
• Palma de Mallorca - the capital of the island, the combination of unique antique and fashion shops
• Giant Arta caves
• Nature Park Galatzo
• Park marine animals
• Spanish «Disneyland» - Europe's largest amusement park.
For whom: for people who want to combine a quiet island with a Spanish expression.


One of the best resorts for young people. It is called the Spanish Hollywood. On the island there are no restrictions in nothing: neither in the choice of clothing, nor in the behavior or lifestyle. Freedom and fun without boundaries.
What to see:
• «hippie»-market in the vicinity of Santa Eulalia
• best discos of the world, working in the mode of non-stop
• historical attractions.
For whom: party-goers from around the world.

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